Starting To Play Guitar Has Nothing To Do With Music

It may seem surprising to you, but starting to play the guitar has nothing to do with music.

This is one of the first discoveries that every guitar beginner makes.

For most of the people who approach the guitar with the intention of making domestic use of it, it is a great relief to find out.

The “domestic use” of the guitar is a phrase that came to me recently in an email from a blog reader, and that perfectly defines all those who want to enjoy playing and singing popular songs in the family environment.

One of the great fears of many possible “home users” of the guitar, which is an obstacle to even starting to play guitar, is precisely the fact that they do not know music or be able to learn music and believe that it is essential.

If you are in this group of people …

!! Congratulations!!

Starting to play guitar has nothing to do with music.

So what is it like to start playing the guitar?

Well, it is something less artistic…

Less theoretical, …

Less mental, …

And more physical.

It is simply about developing new motor skills.

To teach your body to use muscles to perform precise movements in a specific way.

Learn to place your fingers in ways you don’t know.

To coordinate movements of the two hands.

Forget about:

  • read sheet music
  • understand complex musical concepts
  • know notes

And worry about:

  • hold the guitar well
  • adopt a correct posture
  • place fingers securely in place
  • wave your hand rhythmically
  • change finger poses fluidly

Nothing you can’t do without having any musical knowledge.

And music?

I’m talking about starting to play guitar.

Of course, if you manage to break your fear of trying and progress in your new motor skills, you will also learn music!

Without a doubt.

The one you need for the guitar level you are looking for.

Without doing any master’s degree.

Musical questions will arise, and looking for answers; you will enter the world of music theory at your own pace.

One answer will take you to another question and thus how far you want to go. (You would not be the first to start musical studies, having left the study period behind and never having considered it before in his life).

Starting to play guitar has nothing to do with music.