Do I Have To Practice Guitar Every Day?

Will it be enough to dedicate the weekend to it for a while?

I’m not going to leave any doors open, so you can start “organizing” adapted practice calendars: “I’m going to practice on Tuesdays and then Saturday …”, “On Sunday morning, I can …”.

My answer is


You do have to practice guitar every day!

Because you want to start playing the guitar as soon as possible, right?

In that case, I will tell you what really works.

Practice guitar every day!

Stop playing for a while on weekends or one day yes and three no.

The main reason why you have to practice guitar every day

Because you are starting, you have everything to learn, and you need to develop very precise motor skills.

These motor skills refer to the fact that mainly your hands have to learn to perform a series of movements that they are not doing right now.

Well, they do perform them roughly.

But it is more about coordinating very precise micro-movements.

It may surprise you but what at first glance may seem simple, resting your fingers on some strings and strumming down to the top requires skills that you don’t have right now.

Your fingers are much clumsier than you think.

But they can be taught and trained to acquire that skill.

And it turns out that the best way to develop these capacities is through correct, constant, and conscious repetition of these movements.

It seems that the most efficient way to assimilate new motor skills is through short repetitions (a few minutes) with periods of total disconnection and performed frequently.

Translated to beginner guitar, it means:

  • That it is much more efficient to practice guitar every day.
  • That it is better to distribute the daily practices in small moments throughout the day. Better 3 times of 10 minutes than one of 30.

As simple as that!

Other reasons to practice the guitar every day

I have already told you the main reason to practice guitar every day, but there are other reasons why you are interested in doing it.

Take advantage of the extra desire you have to play your favorite songs, and that gives you the audacity to dare to face any effort.

You have to know that this extra motivation that you have now is temporary. Your guitar playing career will be a succession of highs and lows in your motivation to play it.

Get ripped now that you have energy!

Get results as soon as possible.

Within a month, you will be at a very different level if you play two hours every Saturday than if you practice twenty minutes every day, every day.

Checking that you’re safely starting to play your first few songs is the best way to keep yourself motivated to keep practicing.

It is also interesting to know that the guitar, like any musical instrument, is something that can keep you learning your whole life, or you can reach a suitable level for yourself and stop the study phase.

Anyway, the song goes on for a long time, and throughout your days, there are circumstances that occur, and that limit or even eliminate the time you can dedicate to the guitar. Take advantage now that you can do it.

Either way, it is interesting to reach a minimum level of mastery of the guitar as soon as possible to leave multiple options open to continue exploring if you feel like it.

I understand that this minimum level is to be able to accompany popular songs with the guitar in a basic way.